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Beadwork Korrekturen

February/March 2012

Eye on the Prize Bracelet by Csilla Csirmaz
(page 38)

In Step 1, the beginning of End should read: Place Rounds 91-95 (not Rounds 88-91) and Rounds 1-4 side by side...

In Step 1, the very last paragraph should read: Repeat Rounds 1-95 (not Rounds 1-91) to form the second side of the bracelet...

In Fig. 7, the caption should read: Stitching Rounds 91-95 (not Rounds 88-91) and Rounds 1-4 together to form a bracelet end

Falling Leaves Lariat by Carole Horn
(page 42)
In the Materials list, “D” should be: 32 g light teal matte opaque size 15 (not size 11) seed beads.

Silver Tie Affair by Glorianne Ljubich (page 52)

In Step 2, Row 64 should read: Weave through the previous increase; don't add the second 2E.

In Step 2, Row 67 should read: Don't add the first 2E; weave through the previous increase. String 2E; pass down through 1E, string 1B, and pass up through the nearest 2E."

In Step 2, Row 102: The first 2E should be marked in pink on Figure 9.

Season's Delights Earrings by Alice Kharon (page 60)

In the Materials list, this material should not be listed: 1 g dark gold luster size 11⁰ seed beads (C). (These beads are not used in this project.)

In the Materials list, it should say: 20 (not 18) coral 3mm crystal pearls (E)

In Step 1, Round 1 should say: String 1A, 1E, and 1A, pass through the bottom D of the same unit, and weave through beads to exit from the top D of the next unit; repeat nine (not eight) times to embellish each right-angle-weave unit with a diagonal strand. Weave through beads to exit from an edge D in Round 1 (Fig. 3). (not, Weave through beads to exit an edge D from Round 1)

In Step 1, Round 3 should say: *String 1B and pass through the top D of the next unit; repeat around to add a total of 10B (not 9B). Weave through beads to exit from a bottom D at the other edge of the ring and repeat from *, this time adding 1B between each bottom D. Exit from a side D of Round 1 (Fig. 4).

April/May 2012

Swirl Beaded-Bead Necklace by Diane Fitzgerald
(page 32)

In Step 3, delete the second sentence that says: Repeat Round 4 again.

Simply Seeds (Diamonds Squared) by Linda Lehman (page 76)

In Step 1, Round 15 should read: 7A, 1D (not 7A, 1C)

June/July 2012


Bohemian Rhapsody Cuff by Christine Wilson (page 53)

In the following content, the corrected text appears in red:

Round 8: Alternate 1tubular peyote stitch with 1B and 1tubular peyote stitch with 1E. Exit from 1E added in this round.
Round 9: Work 1B in each stitch.
Round 10: String 1H and pass through the next B/E/B of the previous 2 rounds; repeat around. Exit from 1H of this round.
Round 11: *String 1B and 1F; pass through the next H of Round 10. String 1F and 1B; pass through the following Hof Round 10. Repeat from * around; exit from 1F that points toward a B/H/B sequence.

Round 12: String 4C and pass through the next F/H/F; repeat around (Fig. 2, red thread). Weave through beads to exit from 1E of Round 8 that sits under 1F of Round 11, then pass through the nearest B of Round 7.

Rounds 12-14 need to be renumbered Rounds 13 - 15

Updated Figure 2 and Figure 3:

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